Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Upcoming Appearance: Gen Con!!!!

Different Drummer Belly Dancers has asked me to be a special guest at their table at Gen Con, August 15-18th at the Indiana Convention Center.  We'll be in the back of the convention hall in the Entertainer's Spotlight section, right next to the Media Guests of Honor.

This is going to be a combination of everything I love.  Belly dancing, gaming, zombies, and general geekiness... I will be in geek-heaven!  The 5th Doctor will be there!  So will Brom!

The other day, I asked my husband, "I'm a gamer-girl, aren't I?"  At the time, I was looking at a list of loot I was tracking while playing Final Fantasy XII yet again.  He picked up the Zombie Dice, which were on the living room table instead of in our game closet, and then said, "Baby, who's your favorite actor?  Who's in your Facebook profile pic right now?"

He would be referring to this picture:
That's me and Gideon Emery, also known as the voice of Balthier from Final Fantasy XII, Fenris from Dragon Age 2, and tons of other voices from Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Star Wars, The Sims, etc.  (He also does traditional screen work, and is currently on MTV's Teen Wolf as the badass Deucalion.)

So, if you're at Gen Con, please stop by and say hi.  And get people to buy lots of books.  Because there are lots of games that need to be in my collection...
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