Friday, January 25, 2013

Our Wall-O-Art

We are cheap art collectors.  We love artwork, but we don't have the money to spend on it like we would like, so we buy a lot of prints.  Recently, we decided to throw good taste out the window and just fill our walls with pretty pictures.

Inspired by Jen from Epbot's Art Roundup post, I'd like to highlight some of our collection.

In the top left corner is an original drawing that my uncle David Hubbard did for me when I was in 4th grade.  I wanted it for show and tell, and I asked that he draw a Brontosaurus (hey, that's what it was called at the time), a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a Triceratops, because I thought that most people in my class would like one of the three.

Next to that is a print by Judge Hydrogen that Brian picked up from a HorrorHound Weekend.

Below that, the square frame with the circle drawing is the newest Liquid Braino Creation, an original of course.

In the bottom left hand corner is a local Dizzy Art print with a turtle, dolphin, seal, and whale.

Back up to the top in the middle, the turtle is a pencil drawing print by Kelly F., a student at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.  We like to visit the Madeby Gallery there when we're visiting my grandparents.

The tiger in the upper right corner is a painting by the late Ellsworth F. Hartz, Jr., Brian's dad.

The seascape with the moon in the center is what the whole wall has been organized around.  It was painted especially for me, especially for that wall, back in 2003, the first year we were in this house.  It's by my friend, Cathy Mark, who's never realized how good she really is.  (She does some amazing quilt art too.)

The larger painting on the bottom, second to the left, is Metamorphophobia, one of the many Lydia Burris prints we have.  We met Lydia at HorrorHound Weekend, and both of us love her imagery, so we've ended up with tons of prints since Brian and I always want something different.

Speaking of, to the right of that is another Lydia Burris print, Undead Greenman.

Underneath that is a pen and ink print by Todd Kennedy, another artist that we found at HorrorHound Weekend.

The big one in the middle on the right is the largest Liquid Braino Creation so far.

The square one underneath that is one of the prints that came with our Amanda Palmer Kickstarter album.

The small picture underneath that is one that Brian got from Malboro by W.H. Ford for his birthday many years ago.

And finally, in the lower right hand corner is a Frank Franzetta poster.

This is only one spot in our house.  I'll post again with more of the artwork that we've got scattered throughout the house.
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