Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Update to 100 Red Flags

I follow this blog called 100 Red Flags.  They're working on a list of 100 things that makes a girl un-date-able. Considering I'm happily married, and I'm way past giving a crap about whether people like me because of the things I do or don't like, I consider it an achievement when I qualify for a red flag.

I started a master list, which I update every so often.  Here's the latest update:

I own one pair of hoop earrings.  They are in the shape of a heart, and I wore them for an 80's costume party.  I don't think I even have a decent picture of them.  So no red flag for this one.

#90:  She went to an all-girls Catholic high school
Nope, I went to public school with plenty of boys.  Mmm, boys. Ahem...

#76:  She believes in long distance dating
I tried that once.  It didn't work out.  I think long distance dating would work best if it's an open relationship.

#44: She’s still on mySpace
I haven't checked mySpace in forever.  In fact, I'm not sure if I even remember my password.  I think I'll go try it...

#30:  She takes longer than 30 minutes to get ready
I take longer than that first thing in the morning, but that's not what the author is referring to here.  Unless it's something I'm dressing up for, most of the time I don't even "get ready," I just grab my purse and go.  Now, if I'm dressing up for it and it's on a weekend day where I've lounged around in my pjs all day, it might take a full half hour.  So, this one would be a No.

#27:  She babysits
I haven't babysat since high school, and I hated it then.  I take that as another sign that I shouldn't have kids.

#19:  She doesn’t give blowjobs
Have I said, "Mmm, boys..." yet?  Yeah, no red flag here. That's already TMI, so I'll leave it at that.

#4: She’s an only child
I can answer no to this one, but my sibling status can get confusing.  I was an only child when my parents divorced when I was 5.  When my dad married a few years later, I got a stepbrother who was 4 years younger than me.  At this point, my dad had taken a job 100 miles away, so I didn't get to see them that much, a few times a year.  When I was 9, my dad and stepmom gave me a half sister, still 100 miles away.  At the time, I still felt like an only child because I saw them so rarely.  Then, when I was 11, my mom and stepdad had my sister.  She's technically my half sister, but since we did grow up together, I just call her my sister, and I no longer felt like an only child.

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