Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fever dreams

I'm sick again.  I never get sick, and this is the second time I've been sick in a month.

Last time I felt miserable for a week.  This time it's been much more intense, but I don't think it will last as long.

Monday, I was just feeling blah.  Yesterday, I woke up with a sore throat.  But as the day went on, I got more tired, generally achy, and had a killer headache that just kept getting worse.  I had the Bloomington NaNoWriMo Writing Group, so by time I got home at 9, I was wiped.  My head was pounding, and I had gone from freezing and shivering all day, to suddenly burning up.  I forced myself to eat a sandwich and went straight to bed.

I'm pretty sure I had a fever, and I think it broke during the night, because at one point I was sweating so much the sheets were wet.  So of course, I had weird dreams.

First, a little back story.  Every year we use our tax return to travel to Florida to visit my grandparents.  It's our vacation for the year.  They live somewhere that we enjoy visiting, plus we get to spend time with them without tiring them out too much (I hope).  My grandma is 79 and kicking.  In fact, I think she's more independent than she's ever been in her life.  My grandpa is 88, and in the words of my grandma, is "doing okay."  He's had quadruple bypass surgery, hip and knee surgeries, and he doesn't think as quick as he used to.  Last year he had just got home from being in a live in therapy after having surgery.

Also, last night right before I left Barnes & Noble, I noticed this hot guy sitting in the seating area behind where we were.  He was attractive, but not mind-consumingly so.

So in my dream, we were going down to visit my grandparents.  Grandma had been in the hospital, but she was supposed to be out before we got there.  When we arrived, they hadn't released her yet.  So we visited with my grandpa all day while waiting to be able to either visit or pick up Grandma.

Their house was laid out much like the house they had for much of my life.  It was a ranch style with an enclosed back porch.  Two doors led out to the back porch, one from the family room, and another from the mud room off of the kitchen.  But in my dream, the kitchen, mud room, and family room were a coffee shop.

Sometimes we were sitting with my grandpa, and sometimes we were sitting with friends. The whole time, we watched the drama play out at another table.  A sorority girl came in with her frat boy boyfriend.  Another guy, who was like a young version of a used car salesman, was intent on picking this girl up.  It was to the point that he was being extremely rude to both her and her boyfriend.  By the end of the day, the slimy guy had succeeded, and a fight was about to break out.

In the porch area, the guy that I had seen at Barnes & Noble was sitting, and I kept making excuses to walk back there.  By the time we were ready to go inside, the hot guy had taken his shirt off, like it was a perfectly normal thing to do.

The dream ended with us closing up the part of the shop that would have been the kitchen area, but the rest of it stayed open.  Then we were going to go try to see Grandma.

Today, I'm feeling better, especially compared to last night.  I'm using sprays and taking Aleeve to help with my throat, although it's still very swollen.  I don't have the headache any more.  But I do think it'll be an early-to-bed night.
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