Thursday, July 28, 2005

Profile pic

Replacing this one as my main pic for now. I like it better and it's more recent. And it has my hubby in it! Posted by Picasa

Michelle and Brian

And this picture was taken by setting the camera on one end of the bench on timer and then scrambling to the other end. I added a couple effects to it, but I really like this shot! Posted by Picasa

Brian and Michelle

We went to the gardens next. It was pretty hot out, so we stood in a lot of sprinklers. It was really neat. This is one of those hold-the-camera-at-arms-length pictures. Posted by Picasa

Polar Bear

The polar bear kept doing laps back and forth, flipping at each end and swimming upside down. It was cool to watch! Posted by Picasa


He said hi to Brian too! Posted by Picasa

Michelle and Walrus

Even walruses kiss the glass for me! Posted by Picasa

Dolphin Show

The dolphin show. They were saying, "So long, and thanks for all the fish." Posted by Picasa


A lizard from the desert exhibit (which was cooler than outside!) Posted by Picasa

Brian and the Lorikeets

The lorikeets loved Brian! Posted by Picasa


A zebra and her colt. Again, I didn't zoom in for this one. In fact, it was hard to stand back far enough to get them both in the shot! Posted by Picasa


The white rhino cooling off in the mud. He was right next to the bridge, I didn't even have to zoom in for this shot! Posted by Picasa


I like the giraffes! Posted by Picasa


Here's the bear chewing on a phonebook. I'm not sure how he got a phonebook... Posted by Picasa


But the birds flew away before the tiger pounced. Posted by Picasa


The next day we went to the Indianapolis zoo. This is the tiger about ready to pounce on some birds. Posted by Picasa


And of course, we only relaxed for a little while before we had some fun! Posted by Picasa


So of course, after dinner we hopped into the hot tub. It was great to just relax together with a bottle of champagne. Posted by Picasa


For dinner, Brian had some awesome ribs and a kama kazi, and I had the seafood broil with a chocolate martini. And towards the end of the meal, the air conditioning went out, so we got a free brownie sundae for dessert! Posted by Picasa


Of course, Brian "dressed up" too, in his fashion. Hey, that's a button down shirt, those jeans have no stains or holes, and those are premium Pink Floyd flip flops. I love my husband! Posted by Picasa


We went to Stone Creek Dining Co. for supper. It was awesome! Of course, I dressed up for it... Posted by Picasa

Alien Invasion Room at FantaSuites

We went to FantaSuites in Greenwood for our anniversary and stayed in the Alien Invasion room Sunday night. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005

Cathy's Paintings

This is a sample of my friend's work. She's submitting her work for evaluation into a gallery this week. Keep your fingers crossed for her!!! I've got a huge version of the green tower pic in my living room, and I love it! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hm, I wonder if I'll ever title my posts...

I'm just chillin', taking a lazy day after my birthday. I had a peice of leftover cake for breakfast. Unfortunately, the rest of it will probably get thrown out. I've got jazz from Freeze Frame Radio playing, and as you can see below, Jack is resting with me. Brian keeps taking naps this morning, I think he may be a little hung over. He's finally up now, but he went out to smoke and hasn't got back yet, so I assume he went over to Mike's. I don't mind, but I wish he would tell me when he's leaving. I mentioned taking a shower with him, but if he doesn't come back soon, I'll probably just take it by myself.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Nothing dramatic, but it was looking pretty nappy and I got a little shaping in front. I want to wash it to see what it looks like when it dries. Maybe I can even get Brian to take a picture with me. We'll get the cats involved, that'll get him to do it...

Jack loves Freeze Frame Radio!

Michelle, Michelle, & Marc at the Irish Lion on my birthday.

Michelle is Marc's girlfriend. Her birthday is the same as mine (she's a year older), her middle name is Renee, my middle name is Renae... it's just kinda weird... Posted by Picasa

Me, Miranda, and George at the Irish Lion for my birthday.

The room was loud, but I still love hanging out with my friends. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Brisco County Batten, 1999-2005, RIP

My mom called last week and told me about Brisco. He jumped the fence on the 4th of July, was missing for a few days, and ended up getting hit by a car. They took him to the emergency vet, and he hung in there a few days, but eventually passed away 7/11/05.